General Description of Industrial Grade White Oil

Liquid Paraffin industrial grade is a mineral oil which comes in the form of white oil or Alster oil, and is a by product of petroleum distillation. Also White oil industrial grade is transparent, colorless, odorless and tasteless oil.

Application of Industrial Grade White Oil 

Liquid paraffin (white oil) industrial grade has found applications in the production of paints, dyes, pigments, wax, polythene, insecticides, etc. Further more Liquid paraffin (white oil)industrial grade usage is also as a solvent and lubricant in the industrial sector.

White Oil or Liquid Paraffin Uses as Fuel

One of the primary uses of liquid paraffin is fuel. Liquid paraffin is a highly distilled and refined form of kerosene that can be burned in lamps and other devices. The fuel produces no soot and no odor when burned, which makes it a more attractive fuel option than unrefined kerosene.

White Oil (Liquid Paraffin) Industrial and Textile Uses

Liquid paraffin is mainly used as a lubricant in various industrial settings. It can be used to lubricate blades that cut paper and in mechanical mixing. It is also a component of many air filters, particularly air filters that function underwater. It can be used as a hydraulic fluid in machinery.

The uses of liquid paraffin in the textile industry mostly involve lubrication. Liquid paraffin is an oil component used for spinning, weaving and meshing materials. Sewing machine lubrication typically contains liquid paraffin also.

Liquid paraffin can used to clean your hands after working with abrasive materials like cement

Other Usage of White Oil in Industry

Industrial white oil gives the ability to select from a wide range of specifications. If blend Industrial White Oil, high levels of flexibility , improved melt viscosity, and low volatility will be achieved .In addition Iran PUBLTD white oil is used in the producing of plastics like polystyrene, Industrial and institutional cleaning, Industrial applications, Metal Processing, Textile industry and many others. the plastics and streach films made by industrial white oil should not be used for food coverage and keeping since it is just for industrial usage and needed standards are not applied in producing process for textile also odor characteristic should be noted to prevent skin problems and irritation or allergy.

Further more oil used in lamp or candle should be a highly refined, clean burning, liquid paraffin oil which is virtually smokeless and odorless, with the right wick adjustment.
30mls will give an amazing 7 hours of burn time. Also one liter of oil will give you over 200 hours of burn time.

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