General Description of Green Rubber Process Oil 20 (TDAE)

Green Rubber Process Oil 20 or Green Persis oil is a group of aromatic paraffinic oils that are known to have green rubber oils due to aromatic polycyclic aromatic compounds less than 3% of which are harmful and hazardous in the environment.

Because the environmental index has a pca of <3%, it is used mostly in the European and first-world countries and the world’s most trusted branding brands.

Of the characteristics of this oil except pca <3%, is the very high flash point and very low sulfur (less than 3%).

  • TDAE (Treated Distillate Aromatic Extract) is a non carcinogenic mineral oil, used as aromatic process oils for the manufacture of oil extended natural or synthetic rubber and tire compounds.


  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Good low temperature flexibility
  • Low amounts of waste tires in the process
  • Good resistance to reversion
  • Save fuel and energy consumption
  • Extended tires life time
  • Low enviromental impact

Usage of Green Rubber Process Oil 20

Various types of vehicle tires adapted to different weather conditions, butyl tubes, fire and gardening equipment, rubber tile surfaces, micron plates and LPG tubes.

This combination without harmful carbon is used as carrier oils, plasticizer, diluents & filling agent that remain in the final product contributing to both ease of processing and improved product performance in rubber industry.

Passenger car tire remained leading market segment in 2013, holding significant majority share in volume as well as value sales. Urban cities in  Emirate, are among leading demand generators for tires. Industry events such as auto mechanize’ and green auto show’ also have a profound impact on Emirate is ever-growing automotive trade, which in turn are influencing tire sales in country. Global automotive tire manufacturers such as bridge stone, Michelin, continental, Goodyear are key tire players.  Emirate is among major economic epicenters in gulf cooperation council due to  presence of significant oil reserves. On account of significant industrial growth,  country’s automotive industry has been flourishing at a rapid pace. All these factors are creating significant impetus in the country’s tire demand.


The normal packing of Green Rubber Process Oil is Drum or Flexi Tank.



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