Paraffin Wax In Lubricated Paper

Paraffin Wax for Lubricated Paper

The first major type of crude oil, Paraffin wax, which is used in Lubricated Paper, industries and hygienic aims,  widely.Paraffin wax has some shapes, such as Paraffin wax in solid shape and liquid paraffin.Paraffin wax suitable as corrosion protection coatings for industrial barrels and tanks. In addition, use in electrical insulation, textile, making Candles, Production of waterproof fabric and paper industries, Industrial Wax, Solid ink copy paper, Based lubrication products and Vaseline.

Paraffin wax has two major grades, they are light Paraffin wax and heavy Paraffin wax. These grades are divided to Fully refined paraffin wax and semi refined paraffin wax, also.

Fully refined paraffin wax, has oil content less than or up to 0.5%. It is white, transparent, tough and commonly use for candle making. Candles which are made by Fully refined paraffin wax, are snow white and have long lasting burning time.

Semi refined paraffin wax, not only use for making candle, but also apply for some other aims, such as surface waxingpolishing and lubricationSemi refined paraffin wax has oil content up to 7%.

Description of  Lubricated Paper

The lubrication mechanism in PVC was studied using calcium stearate and paraffin wax lubricants. Based on the results of the differential thermal analyses, percent haze, microscopy, metal release, Brabender fusion, and extrusion studies we have developed a new theory of PVC lubrication based on molecular structure. Lubricants containing polar groups, which preferentially wet the metal surface in the presence of PVC, such as calcium stearate, are excellent metal lubricants. Non‐polar lubricants which do not wet the metal surface, such as paraffin wax, allow PVC to stick to the metal surface. However, these lubricants work in combination with the metal wetting lubricants to make the lubricant layer more fluid, providing a better lubricating system than either lubricant alone. Lubrication between PVC primary particle flow units is similar to that at the metal surface with the polar PVC surface acting in a similar manner as the metal surface. We find the common classification of lubricants as internal or external to be deficient in explaining performance.



Iran Paraffin in Cosmetics Industry

Benefits of Iran Paraffin Wax

Iran Paraffin offers two significant benefits which make it the obvious choice for the cosmetics industry.

Cosmetics (General)

Petroleum waxes serve as safe base material, solvent or carrier to provide moisture barrier, modify viscosity, or solidify formulations.

Softens skin: Paraffin hydrates and coats skin making it softer and smoother. It also opens up the skin’s pores and increases blood circulation which helps skin absorb moisture. Wax is a great ingredient for moisturizing skin cuticles and treating extremely dry skin. This makes it an important in gradient for the cosmetic industry.

Relieves pain: wax is also used as a pain treatment ingredient. Smoothing molten wax on to the pain spot encases the area, helping trap in heat to relax and soothe the surrounding tissues. Although it began being used to treat stiff joints and arthritis pains, therapists began using it all over the body for de-stressing and relaxing treatments.

Uses of Iran Paraffin in Cosmetics

Paraffin wax is used extensively in the cosmetic industry. Its applications include:

  • A general skin softener for instance, Vaseline.
  • To add creaminess and shine to most cosmetics
  • In creams and lotions as a hydrator
  • In lipsticks for shine and hydrating effect
  • In hair shampoos and conditioners
  • For spa treatments
  • In hair removal products such as cold and hot wax

Iran Fully Refined Paraffin Wax Usage 

in cosmetic or medical and also food industry.

In addition it`s used in Lipstick, cream, oily papers, chocolate are the most usage of fully refined wax.

In other fields of industry like candle making is also possible to used fully refined paraffin wax and the quality will be great but it effect the price since fully refined paraffin wax is the most expensive grade.

We produce in 5 kg slabs and packed in carton or gunny.

Further more we are exporter of different grades of wax based on oil content and melting point. While Fully refined`s oil content is maximum 0.5% and melting point 60/62 C .  We use most Fully refined for cosmetic and food products. And semi refined wax usages are candle making , painting, floor covering.

Fully refined paraffin below 0.75% oil content is the best and most expensive grade of Wax. In addition we use in cosmetics and oily papers, it is hard, extra white, odorless, transparent.