Normal Paraffin

Normal Paraffin Description

N-Paraffin is the major raw material for the manufacture of LAB . This is extracted from kerosene  which contains an average of 20/25% paraffin and therefore is generally produced close to a refinery as the kerosene , free of the paraffin removed has to be returned to the refinery .


N-Paraffin and ISO Paraffin

Paraffins can be arranged either in straight chains (normal paraffin) or branched chains (isoparaffins). Most of the paraffin compounds in naturally occurring crude oils are normal paraffin, while isoparaffins are frequently produced in refinery processes. The normal paraffin are uniquely poor as motor fuels, while isoparaffins have good engine-combustion characteristics. Longer-chain paraffin are major constituents of waxes. Normal paraffin are produced from select kerosene and/or gasoil, feedstocks using molecular sieves extraction. After appropriate purification treatment of desulfurization, dearomatization, the n-paraffin stream is passed into the fractionation unit, then the desired carbon cuts are obtained. N-paraffins are used as a solvent; a basic material in the manufacture of surfactants; in the manufacture of metalworking compounds, lube oil components, plasticizers and chloroparaffins; production of oils for aluminum cold rolling; catalyst carrier for olefin polimerization; raw materials for a wide range of applications.


N-Paraffin is mainly used in the production of Linear Alkylbenzene (LAB) as well as in the manufacture of chlorinated paraffin wax, plasticizers, lamp oils, BBQ lighters, barbeque starters, sealant, adhesives, manufacture of alcohol derivatives, cutting oils, lubricants and metalworking products.



N-Paraffin will be sold more as bulk & also can be loaded in Flexi to sell according to the customers request.